About Us


FELTON holds a line of disposable food containers that are produced with excellent care. The brand has a massive lineup of these microwavable containers with varying sizes and shapes. We excel in creating and producing sizes that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Having problem finding rare sizes for whatever you plan to do? We have you covered. With more than 40 different shapes and sizes which is supported by our talented R & D team, we can come up with innovative ideas on creating a variety of different sizes and shapes to cater to the ever-changing market trend.


Workforce & Export Market

We support and supply our products to local markets such as hypermarkets and retailers. However, the local market isn’t the only commercial playground for us, we have expanded our business network to countries in the Middle East, South East Asia as well as Australia, pushing our business to globalization.



What differentiates FELTON to other brands is the technology we implemented on our products. With the society moving towards an eco-friendlier setting, so do brands like us. You can instead opt for bio-degradable material with us. Once the product is buried into the ground, the product deteriorates throughout the course of 6 months, 12 months, or 15 months depending on customer preference. This will not create plastic wastage that harms the mother earth.